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One Direction, Lorde & Pharrell Cover Beach Boys ‘God Only Knows!’ (VIDEO)
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One Direction, Lorde, Pharrell & Elton John all in the same video? Singing the beach boys? Guys this is too much to handle! I'm your host Chelsea Briggs coming to you from Hollywood and you're watching the Hollywire Hot Minute!

In order to celebrate the launch of BBC Music, they released this video of epic musical proportions that includes some of the best artists in the world.  How they got everyone on board for this project blows my mind~ #Impressive – they totally deserve an award for this! I present to you 'god only knows' performed by…. EVERYONE!
Absolutely perfect, right? Everyone was SO on point and I love to see our boys involved with such an awesome project. You know what? Just for the heck of it, let’s show their section again…
Ah! Love it so much. OK, you have to see the whole thing, we’ll put the link in the description box, but I can’t wait to hear your fave part. Also, is there anyone that WASN’T there that you totally wish was? (coughs) Ed Sheeran. Anyway, let’s talk it out below!

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