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Katy Perry Vs. 5SOS’ Michael Clifford: Best Red Hair Look?! (SHOWDOWN)
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Owwww Red hair, don't care! Okay guys so between the darling Katy Perry and 5SOS's oh-so-handsome Michael Clifford – who do you strongly feel rocks the red locks the very best???

So let's kick it off with the girl who likes to kiss other girls, Katy!! So this song bird is known for rocking EVERY. COLOR. OF. HAIR – she pulls it off like a champ. And on September 25th when she went for this puppet inspired red, fans freaked – in a good way of course!

She's da best. Okay next up… Michael… silly, goofy, I can pull of ANY shade of hair Michael! He debuted his new fiery red locks last month…. we're gonna go ahead and call this one strawberry jam! Get it… cause he jams…yea anyways he also made mention of it in his "official" statement about his decision to make the hue change.

Amazing! Okay guys it all comes down to this! Who's hair are you digging most? Let me know in the comments and don't forget to subscribe!

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