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Go inside THE GAME, a suspenseful six-part edge-of-your-seat thrill ride, with exclusive interviews with Writer/Creator TOBY WHITHOUSE (Being Human, Doctor Who) and stars BRIAN COX (The Bourne Supremacy, An Adventure in Space and Time) and TOM HUGHES (Dancing on the Edge).

THE GAME *** Premieres WED NOV 5 at 10/9c *** Only on BBC AMERICA, presented by Dramaville.

"I wanted it to be a world of messages in phone boxes and dead letter drops, so our characters have to rely on their ingenuity."

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A complex invisible war is being fought by skilled spies trained in the high stakes world of covert espionage.

In 1972 London, tensions are at a terrifying peak as the world’s super powers plot against their enemies. The threat: a dangerous and deadly Soviet plot, designed to bring Britain to its knees, dubbed Operation Glass.

When an MI5 agent is contacted by a defecting KGB officer about the plan to destroy the British establishment, MI5 leader Daddy (BRIAN COX), assembles a secret committee to investigate the threat in a frantic race against time. Their mission: stop the plot, save Britain and in turn, the world.


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