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Wednesday, October 29, 2014, started as an ordinary day, but soon became one of the strangest experiences for a group of factory workers in the city of Shenyang.

As they walked to work, a surprising scene greeted them. A black car was wedged between the factory building and the outer wall. The way the car was stuck there, it seemed quite unlikely that it had rammed into the wall.

Struggling to figure out the mystery, some of them even suggested the possibility of supernatural forces being in action.

But that conversation was nipped in the bud when the car’s owner came in with a bunch of people to help him tow it away.

He explained that the car had apparently slipped off the bridge above, since the streetlights weren’t working well and visibility was poor, and landed there.

While the crash did cause significant damage to the vehicle, the two passengers luckily escaped with minor injuries.

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