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Demi Lovato & Iggy Azalea Collaboration In The Works?!
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Is it true? A Demi Lovato & Iggy Azalea Collaboration? Guys…. what if I told you there's a very good possibility this could happen!? I know…. it would be the best thing ever!

It would be perfect! Can you even begin to imagine what kinda of beat an Iggy-Dems duet could do for us? Dancing for days. Well here;s the deal,  yesterday the two talented ladies performed at the Certified VEVO SuperFanFest event in LA & we were on the red carpet, so clearly we had to ask Iggy if she's be all for it… and she said….

OK… not mad about that! She seemed pretty amped about it. I mean let's just all believe that the conversation went down last night and now the hit song is not far away from our eardrums! Shall we mash it up to see what the possibilities are? YESS!

Alright guys what are your thoughts on an Iggy and Demi Collab?

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