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WTF! Ariana Grande Caught Wishing Death Upon Fans!?
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The Ariana Grande Diva rumors continue and they keep getting worse!

Skimping on meet & greets, wishing death upon her fans, being RUDE to contest winners!? Guys these are all the headlines about Ariana this week and since
the rumors are out there we need to talk it out.

Just this week, Ari met with fans outside of a radio station in New York and while she was super nice to their face, apparently as soon as she got in the elevator she started talking about how she hoped they would die!?

It also came out this week that her Meet & Greet is $495! nd Sure, she's a huge star, but here’s the thing: you don’t even get a one-on-one picture with her – NOPE – It’s all groups of 4-6.

Okay so while I don't condone being a snobby diva, I do feel like I need to come to Ari's defense a little. So hear me out: I’ve heard that she’s SUPER shy… you know, maybe fans give her anxiety and she’s got to build that wall up a bit. None of us can truly fathom what its like to be famous!

Alright let's get on to the WTF lesson of the day: Do onto others as you would have them do unto you.

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