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With Brazilian Independence Day (Dia da Independência) upon us, Football Daily celebrates the only way we know how – by counting down the Top 10 Most Expensive Brazilian Signings!


Com o Dia da Independência em cima de nós , Futebol Diário celebra a única maneira de saber como – por contando os Top 10 Contratações Brasileiros Mais Caros!


For those questioning the Neymar figure – the transfer fee WAS indeed £48.6m. £34m was paid to a company called N+N, owned by Neymar’s parent, which held the majority of the player’s ownership rights. Meanwhile, £14.6m went to Santos. There was other money involved in the transfer which Barcelona had not made clear – resulting in the controversy surrounding the move. The money breaks down as follows:

Transfer Fee

£34m – Parents
£14.6m – Santos

£48.6m – Total Transfer Fee

Additional Fees

£8.29m – Signing on Fee
£2.24m – Agent Fee
£3.31m – Marketing
£2.07 – Neymar Foundation
£6.55m – Collaboration Fee
£1.65m – Scouting Fee
£36.47m – Wages


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