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Demi Lovato Vs. Zoella: Who Wore It Better!? (Fresh Trend Showdown)
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That's right we're talking celebs wearing celebs! Both Demi Lovato and Zoella rocked other people's faces on their clothing but between Demi Lovato’s Jimmy Fallon sweatshirt and Zoella’s Harry Styles shirt, who do you think wore it better?

Zoella’s Harry Styles shirt is like so adorable, I’m having trouble dealing. Seriously, I don’t know who looks better! This kind of look is SO fun for a weekend outside, but real talk: you could also pair this with some leggings and a leather jacket and it’s an AWESOME going out outfit.

Now let’s look to the always gorgeous Dems. OK, so not only are she and Jimmy Fallon my new fave BFFs but Demi is PERFECT in this look! It’s totally casual, but it still screams fun and silly while keeping it fashionable. And extra points to Demi for rocking the no-makeup look!

OK, so I can’t wait to hear from you. Do you think Demi or Zoella rocked their celeb-face attire better!?

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