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'Teen Wolf' Episode 4×03 Recap! (CRAZIEST MOMENTS)
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You guys, FINALLY! Last night's Teen Wolf was the one we've been waiting for all season and it was CRAZY! So many OMG moments to talk about so we gotta break 'em down in 3, 2, 1!

Okay, since last night's episode was WAY horrifying with all the crazy creatures, let's start off on a lighter note. Our #3 most OMG moment is the EPIC kiss between Scott and Kira. FINALLY. Things were getting WAY too awkward between these two, I could barely stand it any longer.

Alright, brace yourself, guys. This is where things start to get creepy. #2: we finally meet that mouth-less man that the show has been teasing since before the season even started. And guys, he's just as terrifying as we imagined.

But I'm gonna be honest, I don't trust Mr. Mouthless. Listen, I know he did kinda-sorta save Scott from Shawn, but I still don't trust him. Plain and simple.

And our #1 most OMG moment from last night's Teen Wolf is Scott biting the new kid, Liam. Hm, could this mean we might have a new werewolf in town?

Now THIS is the kind of Teen Wolf episode I've been waiting for! What was your OMG moment from last night? Also, what are your thoughts on this mouth-less guy?! Did you sleep last night after seeing him, because I didn't! I'm tired!

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