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'Pretty Little Liars' Episode 5×05 Recap (POWER RANKINGS) – 100th Episode!
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Holy. Moly. What just happened?! Last night's 100th episode of Pretty Little Liars completely blew my mind. Like, honestly… I don't even know where to begin with this show, so let's just jump right into it yo! I'm a poet and I didn't even know it.

Oh man. I'm gonna throw it out there and say that this could quite possibly be my favorite PLL Power Rankings E-V-E-R! Kicking it all off at #3: we have a four-way tie, folks. Aria and Ezra anddddd Alison and Emily. I'm talking lip-lock USA, people!
Coming in at #2: Bethany Young. I know you thought the same thing I did when they announced she was the one in Alison's grave. Say it with me now: WHAT?! Who is she?! 

And the #1 character from last night's PLL isss… A! Oh yeah. He — or she — is back and completely destroys Toby's house!

Mind. Blown! Alright, guys, we have a lot to talk about! I mean, I had to leave very important things out because there was SO much — I'm looking at you, Haleb — but my big question is this: who is Bethany Young?! Where did SHE come from?! Here's a thought: could it be Alison's twin? I mean, I know she had a twin in the books, but could they be bringing it into the show? Let me know your thoughts…

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