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Harry Styles Vs. Taylor Swift: Who Wore It Better?! (Fresh Trend Showdown)
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These two have got the polka-dot fever, so between Taylor Swift and Harry Styles, who do you think wears the spotty look better? You guys know the drill – Every week, I pit two stars head to head who are rocking the same trend and together we determine who has the fresher look.

Anyway, let's start ladies first with one of my favorite fashionistas, Taylor. Her simple polka-dot matchy crop-n-skirt is so incredibly fitting for her personality. It's got that perfect retro feel, but also remains super trendy as she shows off a little mid-drift.

Anyway. Now let's look to Mistah Styles. OK, first off — this boy deserves a hand because it's not everyday you see a dude pull off this print, but let's get real I'm pretty sure Harry could make a burlap sack look good. Anyway, I love how he's contrasted his spots with an oh-so-Harry bandana, while keeping everything else midnight-black and neutral. Way to coordinate it, Styles.

OK, so I know you're loving this trend, cause it's like the funnest thing ever. If you want to see more polka dot looks make sure you check out our Polyvore page and hey: show us your own creation too, cause we love to see them. And who do you think wore it better?

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