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1D's Harry Styles & Louis Tomlinson Vs. 5SOS' Calum & Ashton: #1 Bandmate OTP?!
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So between 5SOS' Calum and Ashton and 1D's Harry and Louis, who gets your vote for Bandmate OTP!?

Let's kick things off with Calum And Ashton: Not only are they like so funny with their little punky sweetness, but check out exhibit A where Calum was asked who he would date in the group, if he were a girl… Yup.

OK, now onto one of the greatest bromances of our time: Larry . Everyone knows that Harry and Louis are meant to be.. I mean look at the little looks they give each other and can we talk, for a second, about how good they look when they're drenched? Yeah, the rain may have dumped on their show in Switzerland, but Holy Wet Tee Shirt do those two make it look good.

So are you #TeamLarry or #TeamCashton? Talk it out below and also make sure you tweet us with your #1 OTP all time.

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