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Justin Bieber Best Collaboration: Austin Mahone Vs. Ariana Grande Vs. Cody Simpson?!
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It's time for another Collab-off- Justin Bieber edition! OK, so between Ariana Grande, Austin Mahone and Cody Simpson, Which collaboration-station are you MOST stoked for? Let's biggity break it down! Hey guys, I'm Chelsea Briggs and this is the Hollywire Hot Minute!
OK, so there's not one, not two but 3 amazing JBiebs collabs that we're all like seriously I'm patiently waiting for! Kicking things off, it was just revealed THIS week that Cody Simpson has been spending some serious studio with Justin… Cody tweeted about it, J tweeted about it… and then… THEN this picture of the two was posted by their producer with the caption:

"These two wrote a beautiful one last night." 

Hmmm… Nextly, Austin Mahone: OK, putting these two hunks vocals together on one track sounds like the best idea EVER right? Which is why after this pic of the two surfaced —  I myself have asked Austin about it a couple times, and here's what he has to say about it… #jaustin4life
And lastly, After iHeart this year, fans were totally buzzing about a Justin/Ari collab, and THEN JB posted this pic to Instagram and everyone screamed. Seriously can't wait… here's a little mashup of what I think it MAY sound like!

OK, so now the hardest part: Who's collab are you most excited about? Are you team #TeamAriana, #TeamAustin or #TeamCody!? Talk it out belowwwwww.

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