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5 Seconds Of Summer Vs. The Vamps! (BATTLE OF THE BANDS)
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It's time to battle it out — so between The Vamps and their new music video and 5 Seconds of Summer and all their trending on twitter, who had the better week!?

So you know we first got to reveal the winner from last week: FOR THE SECOND WEEK IN A ROW…LITTLE MIX WINS IT ALL!

So starting the whole thing off is one of my favorite collabs of the year: Demi & The Vamps in their new music video for 'Somebody To You.'

The fellas also made some new friends and they're totally furry — Warning, guys. Cute overload is about to happen and I don't even know who 's cuter: Brad Simpson or his little beaver friend?

And then they are totally gonna hang out with Nick Cannon on Teen Nick's Top 10 tonight.

But now onto the unstoppable force that is 5SOS… OK, so they were featured in this amazing 1D/5SOS mashup that's too fantastic for words.

The guys have also trended on Twitter like every single day this week. Literally, some of the trending hashtags were #5SOSIAmAFish, #5SOSBackwardsBanana and #5SOSCornflake.

They also covered Green Day's 'American Idiot' and did an awesome job of it!

So now it's up to you decide which band had the best week! Vote in the comment section below to let me know if you're #TeamTheVamps or #Team5SOS!

To listen to the full mashup of 5SOS's 'She Look's So Perfect' and 1D's 'Kiss You' be sure to check out Earlvin14's youtube channel at:…

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